AID is not enough for development

Our Vision


Our vision is for a world where people have the right to be respected; have the opportunity to enjoy a happy and healthy life, free from fear; and are able to achieve and sustain independence.

Our Mission

We are able to work towards our vision by working with individuals, communities and other agencies to:

  • Develop strong and effective delivery partnerships.
  • Improve the quality of life for individuals and communities in need.
  • Provide infrastructure and support for donors to reach individuals and families on the ground in developing countries.
  • Generate and implement sustainable solutions appropriate to the needs of the communities.


The main focus of SUFA is the development of human potential, and to achieve this we focus on independence and security for all who seek it. These themes will be addressed through two main areas of activity for the next five years.

Development Projects

We work in partnership with grassroots organisations delivering real and sustainable solutions to the problems of survival, health, education, employment and the local environment.

Youth Empowerment

Through our work with our international partners, our Youth Empowerment will address key rehabilitation initiatives that will positively impact on orphans and street kids.


These are the qualities that are important to us in achieving our vision:

  • Inclusiveness – accessibility to all, treating everyone with dignity, showing respect and compassion, recognizing and valuing
        differences in others.
  • Empowerment – reliability, offering choice, being flexible and approachable.
  • Generosity – recognizing passion and enthusiasm of staff, volunteers and trustees, generosity with time and resources.
  • Integrity – accountability, transparency, honesty, reliability and confidentiality.
  • Equality – in service delivery, in employment practices.

Our work is conditioned by the following key policies: