AID is not enough for development

How we work

SUFA continually strives to provide a quality of service that exceeds all stake holders’ expectations and subscribes to a working model that recognizes quality over quantity.

Interpersonal interaction conditions our work, for we understand that each client has their own unique requirements, which is why we invest time and effort into understanding their individual needs and wants, this means that our staff and volunteers are chosen to make a positive contribution to the life of our beneficiaries and our partners.

Change is our driving force this is achieved through our development activity which encompasses:

  • Personal Development – Empowerment
  • Collective Development – Team work and joint commitment
  • Society Development – Provision of Services and Facilities
  • Social Development  – Human Assets growth and Partnership working


SUFA believes that every request for assistance is conditioned by a solution and therefore our work is predicated on devising a road-map to address the manifest needed, the most successful outcomes are achieved by listening and responding to our beneficiaries and partners.

How does SUFA work? well it all depends on you! It depends on your needs!