AID is not enough for development


DONATE, Why Donate

Even small donations have an Impact

SUFA ensures its services are delivered to a high standard to drive change for it beneficiaries. By generating the funds needed independently it gives SUFA the freedom to help as many different groups in society as possible. Our work centers on assisting those that other charities will not assist for a Myriad of reasons.

Increasingly over the past six years independent funds this has become an essential activity, as funds to support small charities has been less available (reduction of over 60% in the UK). This threatens the survival rate of charities, for 90% of the sector this is a genuine issue especially for the small charities delivering at the grassroots. These are the places where the recession has hit the hardest and continues to decimate communities.

Benefactors have taken the decision to only support that which they know. This attitude has resulted in the demise of thousands of charities in the past six years and has obviously resulted in an unprecedented loss of community services. We are determined to continue to deliver our services and as we uniquely deliver services successfully at the grassroots and in the international arena, the press on this charity is practically server.

When looking at international poverty and the need for development, we believe many people feel a deep sorrow, and a large percentage decided that there is nothing they can do. Yes the scale of poverty is immense and the need for development is just as great but we must realize that we are not powerless, the problems can be address and you must remember that you don’t have to be a millionaire to make a difference.

Poverty can be solved

Effective interventions can break the cycle of poverty for the world’s neediest people, who are in every society. Poverty is a problem that has proven solutions and ‘giving’ plays a crucial role in combating poverty and driving development.

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