AID is not enough for development



Oh the dinner I cooked in my new pan made my fish meal delicious. I am definitely going to get more pots through SUFA cos it make will make all my meals really tasty” – PM On SUFA obtaining Cookware through charity IN Kind Direct.

I don’t have much money and without SUFA I would be finished the Food bank keeps me and my children provided for with food essentials that I just would not be able to afford otherwise” FS

God bless SUFA in Jesus’ name I have a brand new Cooker and I am in the process of getting some donated Sofa’s now I can finally make this flat into a home”. MK

My issues with my employer that have dogged my life for so many months have been washed away with a single consultation. RM – On SUFA’s efforts in resolving a long standing pay dispute.

I am so very grateful, you guys are so great I would never have been able to do this without you”- On SUFA obtaining a successful application for a British passport for her young son. – SS

I’m so happy with the free and sincere help that SUFA gave me in helping me through my Tax difficulties. My business was in jeopardy and with SUFA’s intervention with HMRC I am now free to operate without hindrance with all matters set straightened out- Thank you so much SUFA”- CH

There was a time I would never have the confidence to challenge the local authority on their decision but because of the solid advice you gave me last year I feel I have the power to take ownership of life’s challenges- thank you SUFA” – CC On Housing support offered by SUFA.

I am so grateful to God that he guided me to SUFA’s open door after I was recommended by a friend. SUFA was my last hope – VT after SUFA helping her to get having almost £2,000 worth of personal debt written off

Thanks to SUFA’s incredible help, after many years of delays I had finally applied for and have now received my British Citizenship” PO

Oh my God I’m grateful, may the Lord continue to bestow many blessings on you”

JK on SUFA completing an application for further Leave to remain in the United Kingdom.