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Join our Network

Join our Network

Membership to SUFA’s CSN connects you to a place based on local and global community members, members who are all focused on building a better world.

Together with our members, our staffs work to foster a collaborative environment to connect like-minded individuals, Third Sector Practitioners and emerging entrepreneurs. The CSN gives members the opportunity of using expansive space to develop their ventures, connect with innovators, host events on social innovation, all to scale the impact of a social venture.

SUFA’s CSN is a place for inventors, community activists, designers, engineers and policy makers working together to tackle our worlds most intractable challenges. You’re invited TO JOIN

For more information or an application form contact us:

Success to date Members past and present

3 Grey Monkeys (VW) Abantu (V)
Acacia Consultancy (T) Advance MP (VW)
Allen Shipping (T) Appella Recruitment (T)
ASA (7) Asthair Pari (T)
Baby TV (T)                                         Behave UK (MF)
BetterCare4you (VW)                           Birchtree Sullivan Limited (7)
Bitcoin Global Capital (T) Body Project Systems (W)
Canary Wax Training Ltd (6)  Capital Estate (T)
Capital Rug (VW) Communter Club (T)
Core Stream (T) Craig Reed
Crupe ( W) DDL Media (T)
Elaine Ng (T) Elitien (W)
Europe Capital Market (T) Goker
Hof Wines (VW) Ilyas ( W)
Karmin Meckael (T) Londonquays (6)
Lyndsey Packham (W) Marshall & Humphrey (6)
Marvill (7) Mearkat International Consulting (T)
 Modiri & Co. Ltd – Citizens Advice (W) Need4Leads – (7)  
Oak Group (T) OM Soft Solutions (VW)
OneNear.Com (T) Pactum (MF)
Peter Williams (VW) Phillip Chambers Consulting(W)
Prospects (T) Riana (VW)
Richard Fox (VW) Ruhrpumpen Global (VW)
Sarah Nunoo Opong (T) Search and Selection (T)
Seymour Estate Limited (T) Sonalba Barba (T)
Sonas Recruitment (VW)                      SuXess Masters (T)
The British-Australia Society (T) The Hunger Project (W)
Around You (MF) Vanloe Paris Limited (T)
Vapscape PR (7) Vogue Studios (W)
Yonesa Zenete (W)
Zimbabwean Women