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Living Better for Less

Let us help you to live better for less

SUFA are delivering a series of short workshops and demonstration days across the boroughs of Lambeth and Wandsworth to help you manage your finances.

These workshops will help you to discover different ways to manage your money and will provide you with some tools, to live better for less.

As a charity we have been made very aware of the tremendous struggle individuals and families in London face. The financial hardship many are facing is destroying relationships and families. London is one of the wealthiest cities in the world, yet it suffers from the some of the highest rates of poverty and inequality.

We want to help you to tackle your financial problems with practical and effortless solutions. Come and join us in these relaxed and supportive sessions. We may be able to help you. Information will be provided and we will make suggestions to enable you to make more informed choices about your finances.

The project’s aim is to help people identify what their priorities are and to recognise the positive assets they have, so that they can concentrate on the issues they feel are most important to them.

The project aims to promote practical solutions to help individuals with financial issues (families and young single parents). It provides trained support to help them escape debt and avoid taking doorstep loans, correcting their credit status and develop strategies to ensure they can change their financial status.

Living better for Less. address problems which people themselves had highlighted, and then empowered them to solve their problems, or to engage with the service providers that could help them do this, or to find a better way of getting what they need.

SUFA will explore how to help people in a sustained way to address what appears to entrenched behaviour, by enabling them to build their own assets at the same time;assets such as confidence and self‐esteem, having friends, membership of groups or networks, counselling, health care, etc.

We develop effective ways of assisting individual to live for less. The project gave individuals the confidence to manage and sustain transitions from survival to coping, adapting and eventually to accumulating ‘assets.’ These accumulated assets include:

* Human – skills, knowledge, education, ability to work, health
* Social – membership of groups, networks, family, friends
* Physical – homes, tools, transport, access to information
* Financial – income, benefits, cash, savings, pensions, other assets e.g.
* Public – charities, libraries, parks, public transport, other public amenities

Central to this project will be a series of workshops to which will attend.