AID is not enough for development

Delivery Partner

International Partner

“ SUFA works at the micro level, all the projects it supports have the local knowledge, are driven by local knowledge and are focus on developing themselves and their community.”
Dr Bola

SUFA has changed its delivery partners and is at present seeking suitably qualified NGO’s as delivery partners in a number of countries to deliver on its new development objectives.

New projects are being rolled out and are all based around SUFA’s core values, the projects are to be delivered through projects dedicated to achieving sustainable development solutions and are driven by the need for addressing problems of survival, health, education, employment and the local environment.

Old Partners:

Bridging A Gap Community Initiative: Supports the most vulnerable members of the community, especially children, offering support within the communities they live. We work with children living in grinding poverty, as well as those who have lost one or both parents to HIV. We provide breakfast for school-going children aged 5-13; offer scholarships and learning materials and provide basic health care.

Christ Liveth Mission: A Christian charity with a goal to meet the development and spiritual needs of people regardless of tribe, religion or creed. We work with women, children and youth who have been affected by HIV/AIDS and poverty by providing education and other relevant services.
ESAM: Enfants Solidaires d’Afrique et du Monde (ESAM) is an international, independent, non-profit organisation fighting the abuse and neglect of children, young people and women. Our vision is a world where human rights are respected and all children, young people and women are able to fulfil their potential. We work with women, children, youth and communities.
Lidefo: Liberty Development Foundation (LIDEFO) is a community-based organisation founded in 2002, by a group of men and women in Kasese Town Council, Kasese District to unlock the Potentials of people, improving their lives through Training & Education; empowering them as Individuals with skills that will improve people’s economic status & Strengthen Participatory Development. We work within the community.
Linnet: Linnet Orphanage and Primary School aims to improve the living experience of children in Kampala Uganda. The work will benefit orphans and street children by running an orphanage, providing education, developing training facilities and other services to improve their welfare.
Penny Aika Pettit Downsyndrome Foundation: Develop early intervention services and centres for educating children with Down syndrome, orphans and others with learning disabilities.

SAFY: Safe Alternatives for Youth is a small, independent, not-for-profit organisation based in Kitamanyangamba slum, Kampala, Uganda. We support disadvantaged young people, helping them to achieve their potential in a safe, healthy environment.
PPF Ministries: Pentecostal Pillar of Fire Ministries is a registered charity in Malawi involved in community development. The project focuses on improving the well-being and status of vulnerable groups, particularly widows who are HIV/AIDS positive and orphaned or other vulnerable children.