AID is not enough for development

CSN Support

CSN Support

As small Charity have to compete with large charities who possess teams of professional fundraisers, for a portion of an every diminishing funds. They are disadvantage from the outset , the task of providing services to the local community and those most in need is increasingly difficult for the funds are simply not there to meet the needs of those most in need.

Without the necessary resources they continue to fail to deliver their services to beneficiaries as they are face with the task of to make a real life choices, assistance for individuals in crisis or administration, this then results in what many benefactors call a lack of professionalism in the preparation of applications.

We are conscious of the demands on small operations and to help the CSN offers support development which includes training seminars

  • Financial Education – Record keeping and Accounts.
  • PR and Marketing.
  • Effective use of networks and social media.
  • Business planning
  • Reporting
  • Fundraising