AID is not enough for development


SUFA is working very hard building a professional team designed to work efficiently to deliver change. Our team motto is simple let’s have a ‘Cup of tea and a chat’. We have found that is only through connecting with our beneficiaries, that we can deliver lasting change. We are not a prescriptive charity, SUFA respond to your expressed needs, we use this interpersonal approach to our work, to:

  • Deliver change
  • Empower individuals
  • End oppression where it is encountered
  • Work to develop in infrastructural elements where they are needed
  • Challenge inequalities
  • Make life a little easier for all

Our Trustees, Members and dedicated Volunteers are always seeking out new opportunities to make a difference in the lives of all who express a need for support. We especially work with the poor, oppressed and socially excluded who are present in all societies on the planet.

As our work changes we need an ever evolving team of Caring and Professional individuals to join us in our quest to build a more equal society, where all are valued equally.